Ultimate Guide to Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes: Solutions and Fixes

Electrolux washing machines are known for their efficiency and reliability, but like any household appliance, they can sometimes run into problems. When something goes awry, the machine will display an error code to inform you of the issue. But what do these error codes mean, and how can they be resolved?

This comprehensive guide aims to explain each error code for Electrolux washing machines and provide clear, actionable solutions to remove them. Whether you're facing a water inlet fault or a heating-related issue, we've got you covered!

Error Codes and Solutions

Error Code: E10

Meaning: Water inlet fault 

Solutions: a. Check tap and hoses for obstructions b. Replace the water inlet valve if necessary

Error Code: E11

Meaning: Appliance not filling with water during the wash cycle 

Solutions: a. Check tap and hoses for obstructions b. Replace the water inlet valve if necessary

Error Code: E12

Meaning: Appliance not filling with water during the rinsing phase 

Solutions: a. Check tap and hoses for obstructions b. Replace the water inlet valve if necessary

Error Code: E13

Meaning: Water level dropping when it shouldn't (indicating a leak)

Solutions: a. Check drain hose positioning b. Check hoses for leaks c. Replace the pressure sensor if necessary

Error Code: E20

Meaning: Drain fault 

Solutions: a. Check drain hoses and filter for blockages b. Replace the drain pump if needed

Error Codes: E21, E22

Meaning: Drain fault 

Solutions: a. Check drain hoses and filter for blockages or damage b. Replace drain pump if needed

Error Code: E23

Meaning: Issue with drain pump triac sensing and status 

Solutions: a. Check drain pump residence and wiring b. Replace main PCB if necessary

Error Codes: E24, E25

Meaning: Faults related to drain pump triac and microprocessor input signal 

Solutions: a. Replace main PCB

Error Codes: E31, E32, E35

Meaning: Pressure switch-related faults 

Solutions: a. Replace pressure switch if needed b. Check wiring, hoses, inlet valve, and drain pump

Error Codes: E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, E45

Meaning: Door lock problems 

Solutions: a. Check door closure b. Check wiring and door lock c. Replace door lock unit if necessary d. Replace main PCB if required

Error Code: E50

Meaning: Problem with the motor 

Solutions: a. Check motor's electrical plugs b. Have the motor checked by a technician c. Replace motor if needed

Error Codes: E60, E61, E62

Meaning: Heating faults 

Solutions: a. Check temperature sensor, heating element, and wiring b. Replace faulty components or main PCB if necessary

Error Codes: EC1, EF1, EF2, EF4, EF5

Meaning: Various other error codes 

Solutions: a. Follow specific instructions for each error code


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Do Electrolux Washing Machines Have a Reset Button?

Yes, many Electrolux washing machines come with a reset feature to clear certain error codes. You should refer to your particular model's user manual for the exact reset procedure, but typically, disconnecting the machine for a short time and then reconnecting it can reset the error as well.

Q2: Why is My Electrolux Washing Machine Beeping and Failing to Start?

A beeping noise combined with an error code usually highlights a particular problem, such as an issue with the door lock or water supply. You can use the error code guide to pinpoint the error and apply the appropriate remedy.

Q3: Why is My Electrolux Washing Machine Not Spinning?

A failure to spin may stem from various factors, including an issue with the motor, a malfunctioning belt, or an unevenly distributed load. Specific error codes like E50 could lead you to the root cause and allow you to correct the problem.

Q4: How Do I Clean the Filter on an Electrolux Washing Machine?

For optimal performance, it's crucial to clean the filter. Usually situated at the front base of the appliance, the filter can be unscrewed and cleared of debris. After rinsing it under running water, replace the filter.

Q5: How Can I Open the Locked Door of My Electrolux Washing Machine?

If the door has locked due to an error or after a cycle, you may need to either reset the machine or wait for a brief period. Some models may provide an emergency release option located in the detergent drawer or near the filter area. Check your manual for precise guidance.

Q6: How Can I Clear the Error Code on My Electrolux Washing Machine?

To clear an error code, you will first need to fix the underlying issue. Often, resetting the machine or unplugging it briefly will clear the error code. Consult your model's user manual for tailored instructions.


Understanding the error codes and common problems associated with Electrolux washing machines empowers you to take proactive measures in maintaining and troubleshooting your appliance. From simple tasks like cleaning the filter to more complex issues like motor faults, this guide aims to provide clear and concise solutions for common difficulties.


However, it's crucial to remember that not all issues can be fixed at home, and some problems may require the expertise of a professional technician. In cases where the solutions outlined in this guide don't resolve the problem, or if you're unsure of the steps to take, give us a call at +1 (832) 684-1190.


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